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Foundation Visual Arts (FVA)

Foundation Visual Arts offer a wide-ranging overview of the practice, theory, and history of the visual arts. It provides a solid technical grounding and an understanding of the conceptual framework of visual art. Students learn hands-on in a project-based curriculum.

Visual literacy and problem solving skills are emphasized through courses in drawing, design, colour study and the creative process. Students have the opportunity to make products by exploring a variety of the College’s studios: Ceramics, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Digital Media, Jewellery / Metal Arts, Photography and Textile Design.

The creation of an individual portfolio which documents students’ course work and professional development is the essential outcome of the program. This enables graduates to continue in the Diploma Programs at our College or at other leading institutions in Canada and beyond.


Areas of Study

  • Drawing, Colour, 2D and 3D Design Elements and Principles
  • Historical Trends and Contemporary Theory
  • Skill Development (fine craft, applied design and visual arts practice)
  • Communications
  • Creative Process and Visual Problem Solving
  • Studios specialties: Ceramics, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Digital Media, Jewellery/Metal Arts, Photography, Textile Design


Admission Requirements

  • One of the following official transcripts*:

·       High School Diploma

·       GED

·       Adult High School Diploma


                                    Equivalent experience;**

  • $50 Application fee***


*$50 Application fee is in Canadian dollars and applies to Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents and is non-refundable and is subject to change without notice.

*If your official public High School transcript indicates a modified level, your application will be processed under Other Admissions.

 **Equivalent experience is determined by the College assessing the applicant’s combination of learning and experience through recognition of prior learning.

***$50 Application fee is in Canadian dollars and applies to Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents, is non-refundable and is subject to change without notice.


Go to the Admissions for more details.


Portfolio Requirements

No portfolio is required to apply for the Foundation Visual Arts Program. Go to Admissions to learn more.


Course List

Fall 1

AFFA 1024 Colour Study

AFFA 1057 Drawing from Observation

AFFA 1059 2D Design

AFFA 1028 Media Explorations I

COMM 1188 Communications and Student Success

HIST 1052 History of Visual Culture: Prehistory to 1600

Winter 1

AFFA 1030 The Creative Process

AFFA 1058 Drawing From Observation: Form and Expression

AFFA 1032 3D Design

AFFA 1061 Media Explorations II

AFFA 1062 Media Explorations III

HIST 1053 History of Visual Culture: 1600 to the Present


Career Possibilities

Although FVA does not target a specific job, graduating from this program can lead to you to many careers in the visual arts.

  • Artisans and crafts persons
  • Conservators and curators
  • Fabric, Fur and Leather Cutters
  • Film and video camera operators
  • Graphic arts technicians
  • Graphic designers and illustrators
  • Interior designers and interior decorators
  • Jewellers, Watch Repairers and Related Occupations
  • Labourers in textile processing
  • Library, archive, museum and art gallery managers
  • Managers – publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts
  • Painters, sculptors and other visual artists
  • Patternmakers – textile, leather and fur products
  • Photographers
  • Photographic and film processors
  • Sewing Machine Operators
  • Tailors, Dressmakers, Furriers and Milliners
  • Textile Inspectors, Graders and Samplers
  • Theatre, fashion, exhibit and other creative designers
  • Weavers, knitters and other fabric making occupations